Peter Hayton

Executive Clinical Director & Brisbane Psychologist

Peter Hayton has been a practising psychologist for over 20 years, working extensively in health and pastoral positions across a number of business, church, charity, school, and para church organisations.

His personal experience, unassuming and non-judgemental nature places him in a strong position to provide effective treatments to patients from a variety of sexual identity, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

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07 3113 9054

Limited appointments are available at The Banyan’s Health and Wellness Clinic on the above number.

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The Banyan’s Health and Wellness Clinic
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Brisbane Christian Psychologist

Peter has held the position of Senior Psychologist in both private practice and clinic settings. In that role, he has also pioneered a variety of innovative care and support initiatives across education, social enterprise, and corporate sectors.

Along with his experience in counselling and rehabilitation services, Peter has extensive experience in education, training, and staff development. He is active in providing supervision for a variety of ministers, priests, clergy, and lay workers across a number of denominations including Catholic, Uniting Church, Presbyterian, Baptist, Apostolic, Churches of Christ, Australian Christian Churches, and Hillsong.

Peter has trained and worked as a pastor, as well as starting his early working life in para church mission organisations.

Peter is a registered psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and a member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Peter often states that he learns so much from the patients he has the privilege to work with.

While working as a psychologist for over 20 years Peter has many areas of general psychological therapy he is experienced in, currently he specialises in the following focus areas:

Chronic Disease

Peter’s lengthy experience living in a family managing type 1 diabetes has given him the insight, language, and understanding to assist individuals and families manage chronic disease. This includes conditions like diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue, etc, all of which are often connected to moderate anxiety, stress, burnout and depression.

Trauma Recovery

Along with a number of other trauma focused trauma modalities, Peter has been trained to Masters level in the Brainspotting therapy technique. This effective and innovative therapeutic methodology assists with the processing of psychological and emotional concerns from traumas and a variety of life issues and concerns.

Sports and Performance

Peter is not a sports psychologist, however he works with athletes, competing at the Olympic and elite levels, Peter brings fresh and complementary therapy to other team and sport psychologists. Various Brainspotting modalities are part of his approach, a benefit to athletes, business professionals, etc. He has extensive experience in supporting business professionals and management team members in their occupational endeavours.

Addiction, Dependency, Recovery

Peter coordinated and initiated Australia’s premier residential treatment program with The Banyans in S.E. Qld. He continues to provide clinical oversight to the residential and day programs and has many success stories of patients overcoming different dependency concerns through his therapies. In managing the extensive team of psychologists, doctors, and other health professionals Peter has valuable insight into high performance health teams.


Along with providing supervision for many different religious professionals, Peter has a lengthy history in providing therapy for Christians and other church professionals. His focus areas have included identity, gender and sexuality, his experience provides valuable support to LGBTIQ+ peoples, as well as First Nations and non western cultural background peoples.

Conference Presentations

  • 2021 Genesis Christian College, Brisbane
    Managing stress and professional burnout in a pandemic world.
  • 2018 & 2021 Aust. & N.Z. Addictions Conference, Gold Coast
    Premium approaches to medical and dependency treatments.
    Hospital to home: striving for excellence at every stage of the rehab journey.
  • 2019 Australian & New Zealand Addictions Conference, Gold Coast
    Professional Self-Care in the Recovery and Addiction Landscape.
  • 2019 Australian Psychological Society CAPIG Conference, Noosa
    Session 1 Treating Addictions
    Session 2 Integrated Treatment Frameworks
  • 2019 ACC State Leaders Network, Gold Coast
    Building resilience – Burnout, long term productivity and fruitfulness.
  • 2018 Eating Disorders and Obesity Conference, Tweed Heads
    Multidisciplinary approaches to eating disorder recovery, case study.
  • 2018 QUT Mental Health Week, Gardens Point QUT
    Dependency Health, the nature and nurture of positive health.

Phone Peter Hayton

07 3113 9054

Limited appointments are available at The Banyan’s Health and Wellness Clinic on the above number.

Consultations held at

The Banyan’s Health and Wellness Clinic
8/16 Thompson Street, Bowen Hills QLD

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